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like this. that's what makes this an amazing game. >> reporter: pablo sandoval joins the elite club and back here live we want to show you the crews working on the field. we are less an hour from first pitch and they are busy preparing for game two. fans are waiting to see if any history is going to be played again tonight. maureen naylor. >> our cameras also caught a familiar face arriving at tonight's game two of the world series. bryan stow was escorted into at & t park to watch the game. he was brutally beaten and left with severe injuries at last seasons opener at dodger stadium. pablo isn't the only person baseball fans are talking about today. the seventh inning stretch rendition of god bless america caught special attention last night. ktvu david steven has spoke with the san francisco police sergeant who is back on patrol
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today after his moment in the spotlight. david. >> reporter: that performance is winning the sergeant new fans and applause from people he sees on the daily beat. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: for san francisco police sergeant jerry dar city it was the performance of his lifetime. >> there is not enough words to thank the giants for letting me do it. police officers in the city are so happy. i'm getting accolades and cops from all over the bay area. ♪ land that i love >> i don't know if they are making up for 2010. 2010 i was supposed to sing game six but they didn't make it. >> reporter: the performance at -- >> as soon as you get up to the mic all of a sudden cameras circle around you so you just thinking concentrate on the words and the notes.
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>> reporter: the tenors performance is -- >> we did a wonderful job. fantastic one. >> he seems like a mellow guy. >> reporter: how does da shy rate his world series performance >> >> i think like any singer, i always think i could have done it better. but i was pleased. and at least nobody is saying that was terrible. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and darcy says he is available for private and police functions. he hopes to perform at the super bowl if san francisco wins that event within the next couple of years. reporting live in san francisco david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. let's talk about the weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the conditions over at & t park tonight. what are we looking at? >> a lot better weather. we have showers in the bay area. it's dry out there.
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there is hardly any clouds out there. there is live image of the cloud cover. we will come in close. the ballpark tonight will be mostly clear. you can see the area of the ballpark. temperature at first pitch about 61 degrees. that is 5:00. watch what happens as we get down the road. there is cool air in place. you get around 6:00 to 7:00 you're in the mid 50s scene get into the lower 40s toward the end of the game. as we move through time it will get a little chilly but not just for the ball game but over night tonight. we will talk about the overnight lows down in the 40s. we'll see you back here in a little bit. giants fever has swept our ktvu viewers. karen sent us this picture. of her eight-year-oldson michael. and fernando says his family took two hours to carve this jackolantern. it's a true attribute to the giants. e-mail us your photos at we are now just one hour away from the first pitch at at
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& t park. coming up in 20 minutes the world series coverage continues including the special attribute to veterans today that involve two former star players on the giants. plus the giants talk about what they have to do to win game two tonight. and stay with ktvu our live coverage of the world series begins immediately after this newscast at 4:30. happening now downtown oakland businesses are vowing to stay open tonight as occupy protestors gather again in frank ogawa plaza to mark one year since the occupy camp there was cleared out. ktvu cara liu is live. >> reporter: officers in riot gear have been out here already to the plaza. right now we are seeing extra police officers as well as security guards here. we're also told police department does have reserves on stand by. police tell us they plan to allow folks to exercise their first amendment rights but want
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that to happen lawfully and peacefully. businesses like chase bank are also taking their precautions opinion this afternoon we saw workers boarding up glass windows. hoping to prevent vandalism. folks have been out here all afternoon getting ready for the occupy oakland demonstration and march on the one year anniversary of the violent clash between protestors and police here at frank ogawa plaza. we have seen people writing and drawing messages in chalk on the ground. others putting up signs criticizing police. some 100 people out here at the moment is a very diverse collection of people with many different view points on why that here. >> i was here last year on october 25th after the lpd raided the camp and i was also the perp who drove scott olson to the hospital after subsequent attack on him as well. and i'm here to sort of you know again do my part to make
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visible the police brutality. >> what they are doing here -- they wanted to do something with the cops they could do something much more interesting about occupying a world series game. but even more importantly than that, to stop the banks which is really behind all of this. >> reporter: a number of the demonstrators out here have their faces covered already. we have also seen a couple with shields. now of course we will stay out here all night long monitoring the march as well as the demonstration. we'll bring you any breaking developments. live in oakland cara liu ktvu channel 2 news. governor jerry brown spoke to ktvu today live on the morning news about his promise to help oakland fight its skyrocketing crime rate. >> the highway patrol will be going to both oakland and stockton. we'll make an announcement in the next couple of days. it will be for a limited period of time but we are putting patrol cars to work in the most troubled neighborhoods. >> last weekend the governor
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promoted his tax hike initiative at the gospel church but the bishop turned the table there is and asked the governor to help restore safety to oakland streets. coming up the governors tax plan and competing measure are losing steam with the voters. the latest numbers leading to worry. san jose police are still trying to figure out what led a woman to shoot another woman early this morning. robert honda is live in san jose and tells us about the strange circumstances here. robert. >> reporter: this popular shopping center on monterey road in san jose is the city's largest nonmall shopping complex. people came outearn though word about the shooting spread fast and bullet holes were still showing. a bullet hole in the side of the babies r us store and at an office max attracted a lot of attention. police officers responded to a shooting at the center around 2:45 this morning. >> kind of shocked that someone
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just drove by and shot somebody. >> reporter: two women myloan and truc both of san jose approached a woman walking with a man near the babies r us store and got in an argument. >> just before a fight did occur one of the suspects pulled out a gun and shot at the victim. >> reporter: police say the two men sped off in this silver mercedes but was spotted by an officer. >> the suspect vehicle blew a couple red lights when the officer caught up to the vehicle it actually pulled over. >> reporter: managers of both stores says there were employees working a the the time. no one was hurt. police are investigating possible motives including one raised by witnesses that the argument stems from a possible romantic triangle. that possibility startled people we talked to as much as the shooting itself. >> i would never escalate to that amount of violence. to my domestic issue or whatever. >> we can say this was not a
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random act and that the suspects and the victim are acquainted in some fashion. >> reporter: police say nguyen faces charge of concealing evidence. alarms rang out in san francisco civic center district as thousands of people took part in a mass evacuation drill. as many as 4,000 people that work and go to school in that area were i having waited. evacuated. they cleared out ten buildings in that area. this exercise was designed to help police, fire, and other emergency workers fine tune their response plan. the holiday shopping season could be bigger this year. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar is live in emeryville with the new study that is good news for the u.s. economy. >> reporter: indeed. each of us will be spending
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about $30 more dollars this year than last. for the retail dependent u.s. economy today's survey seems to make one thing plain. >> it will be a good solid holiday season without a doubt. it may be a strong holiday season. but at least we're not going backwards. >> reporter: the national study shows 63% of us will spend the same as last year. this yearover all average spend willing be $582. of those that will spend more half say they will spend $250 more this year. a fourth will spend $750 or more. and 8% say the sky is the limit. just over half say they have cash set aside and more than a fourth of the shoppers will have a smart phone or digital tablet to compare prices. >> they are really empowered with technology. they are bargain hunters. if they don't find the right thing at the right price they don't buy. >> reporter: but in california we still found an abundance of caution among consumers.
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>> every year we do less and less. the groups get smaller and smaller and adults like to exchange anymore. >> for me i have a baby now and it doesn't seem practical to spend a ton of money around the holidays. >> reporter: consumer psychologist consumer opinions are often more conservative than their ultimate actions. >> last year consumers said they were going to spend 2% more and they spent 5% more. >> reporter: before all that starts they will spend $80 on another holiday. that is right halloween. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. support is flipping for two new taxes to fund california schools. the numbers that are worrying educators today. why doctors now say every pregnant woman every pregnancy should get this vaccine to save their babies life.
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members of the roman catholic arch diocese are hoping a higher power can help stop the killing in the city. they held a prayer i have jill today for 19-year-old homicide victim jose escobar. he was shot and killed there on saturday. one of four people killed this past weekend in san francisco. >> we are beginning our victim's assistance ministry program with these murders starting today. and we are going to be working with the families every that dies in the city of marin and san francisco. >> the group also plans to hold prayer vigils for the other homicide victims. for seven years inmate
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medical care has been under court order federal receivership. tomorrow the state will hire employees for a new $1 billion prison medical complex in stockton. prisons have spent billions improving prison medical conditions. the transfer will take about a year. voters support is falling for two tax measures meant to help fund california schools. the public policy institute of california surveyed california voters. 48% say they will vote yes for prop 30. that is down from 52% in september. prop 30 would raise the sales tax and raise taxes on people who earn more than $250,000 a year. and prop 38 is doing even worse. it would use a sliding scale to increase taxes to support education. only 39% say they will vote yes. that is compared to 45% in september. ktvu alex savidge tells us how at least one bay area school is already preparing for a worst case scenario.
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>> reporter: prop 30 the governors tax measure to fund education falling behind in a new statewide poll. it's disheartening news for tracy who teaches second grade in westernly. ingly a worried. i am very concerned there will be immediate cuts in education. we've been facing cuts in education for years and years. we can't take anymore hits. >> reporter: the principal here paco says his district is coming up with a plan right now in case the state is forced to cut money from schools. >> i'm really heartbroken that it's pulling the way it is. >> reporter: they might have to slash after school programs and bump up class sizes. and the biggest impact add this school will likely be more furlough days for teachers. that means less instructional time in the classroom for students. >> it's really hard on the kids to lose days. these kids need all of their days in school. >> reporter: recently rosa parks has made a lot of progress on no child left
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behind testing and he is worried about backsliding if funding is cut. >> we have made incredible gains and i want to see that continue. i don't want to be in a position of needing to cut staff, cut valuable after school programs. >> reporter: if prop 30 ends prop 38 both fail they will take a $6 billion hit. but educators are trying to stay optimistic while planning for the worst. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> and on ktvu facebook page we van interesting election quiz you can take to see which tax measure aligns with your political views. just like ktvu channel 2 and look under our cover photo. to counter whooping cough epidemic they want women to get a vaccination every time women get pregnant. john. >> reporter: whooping cough
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kills babies. federal officials today called this an unprecedented epidemic right now. 32,000 cases this year. a federal advisory panel says vaccination during pregnancy could cut it by a third, death by a half. >> a woman can save her babies life by getting this vaccine during pregnancy. >> reporter: most women we spoke with were reluctant. >> i wouldn't get it while i'm pregnant. >> reporter: doctors say this new vaccine is safer than previous versions although immunity fades quickly. doctors say vaccinating during pregnancy insures mom makes the most antibodies for babies. infants can't make enough on their own. vaccinating child caring adults and middle schoolers with boosters has helped california reduce cases. pregnant moms would be another
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big step. >> something we should all look into and something we should all be aware of and something every woman should go over with their doctor. >> we now have a lot of data to show it is safe. >> reporter: the vaccine advisory panel recommendation now goes to the cdc. it has always followed the panels advice. john fouler ktvu channel 2 news. and there is clear skies out there tonight. as i mentioned a few sprinkles this morning. they are got now. with the clear skies it will get chilly. we will come in closer. up in the north there is a frost advisory in effect. that is an indication of how cool it will be. so just north of us a frosted a vairy. that means our area will be chilly. right now temperatures in the 60s. 70 in napa. highs tomorrow they will be warmer. daytime highs coming up a few degrees. actually more than a few degrees. very warm in some locations. tomorrow then warmer.
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the weekend looks real nice. it will be plenty of warmth not hot just the way you like it around here. very fall like. typical fall weather pattern with lots of 70s. maybe a couple low 80s showing up. these are the overnight lows. 44 in vallejo. 46 in concord. it's chilly when you get going tomorrow morning. the low pressure that brought the rain here the tornadoes in the valley, snow up in the mountains. up to three feet at higher elevations gone now. high pressure owns place. into the upper 70s and low 80s nice looking bay area weekend ahead. the forecast model keeps rain to the north. that is tomorrow morning. and again tomorrow afternoon the model just a few clouds in around redding. that is about it. we should be high and dry. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 74 in vallejo. 73 in vallejo. 77 in brentwood. a nice looking day. that rain you know what it did? it didn't take fire danger off the table it helps a lot this
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time of year. there is great news. snow in the mountains helps the watershed. the streams in the rivers. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend pops into view it's dry after a crazy period of rain around here. tonights game the weather looks great. it will be chilly by that ninth inning and by time folks drive home temperatures will be in the low 50s. >> but i bet you nice beauty shots tonight. thanks. the incredible energy we have seen in the playoffs continues to build here at at & t. less than an hour we will set up the starting pitchers for you when we come back. live from the place to be in san francisco tonight.
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baseball commissioner bud was among the dignitaries who made a world series visit to the va medical center in san francisco today. and joining him were giants president larry bear and former giants stars gaylord perry and world war ii veteran and san
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diego padres announcer came along. it's all part of major league baseball program to honor military veterans. >> this is a thing we started five years ago or in that area. we've increased our participation all over and frankly for me this is just a meaningful experience. and come to say thank you and to participate. >> ceremony is also being held before tonight's world series game two to honor former major league baseball players who have served in the military back in world war ii. detroit tigers and giants are half an hour away from their second show down. bud is near at & t park. mark. >> reporter: that is it. of course last night as you can see by this headline it was all about panda power. but you know usually these kinds of series are decided by pitching andth giants well, little bit of a surprise as
4:26 pm
they made madison bumgarner to start this game two. he has been to say the least a little bit shaky in the latter stages of the regular season and particularly sew in the playoffs. up against the giants tonight doug fister. almost a local story. call it a semi local story. he is from merced and he grew up adjoints fan. one of his dreams was always to pitch at at & t park. little did he know it would be with the detroit tigers in the world series against his childhood team. >> growing up don't tell anybody i was a giants fan. you know. being able to come to a couple games when i was little it has always been a dream and goal for me. and now it's happening. it's definitely special being able to come be the ballpark and play in a world series is something that you know obviously is a moment that will never be forgotten and it holds a little more special place in my heart i would say. but it doesn't change what we do rob the field.
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>> it's not going to be much different than the last time. i mean, it's what you work for all year. it's what you work for your whole life. and you know, i'm just thankful to be back. >> reporter: the vibe is really starting to happen already here. less than an hour before the first pitch. and the giants they have an incredible momentum going in the last four games they have outscored their opponents 28-4. we'll see if that can continue tonight against doug fister, madison bumgarner looking to return to the style he showed in 2010 when he was certainly one of the giants world series heros. i'm mark ibanez at at & t. join us after the ball game for a complete post game show. that is it for right now. back to you guys. >> and one more live look at at & t park as excited giants fans arrive for game two. madison bumgarner on the mound. how will he do?
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will pablo hit more home runs? we're about to find out. first pitch just about 40 minutes from now. but fox coverage begins in just moments. light here on ktvu channel 2.
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have i ha kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive

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